Cross Corner Bags


Cross Corner Bags

Brain Chamber Polymers are unique manufacturers of Cross Corner Bags from Appachiwadi, near Nipani, Karnataka, India. Cross corner bags are developed by circular woven tabular fabric which is strong and UV stabilized. A bag with capacity of 1.0 cubic meters and dimension of 90x90x110cm can carry heavy load. Its material carrying capacity is up to 1500 kg. it is use for transporting of fine materials like sands, grains and soil.

Cross corner bags are sewn at the side of fabrics which allows for easy handling by forklift. It has open top and a flat bottom base which store bulk quantity of materials. Cross corner loop bags allow easy handling by forklift and cranes to move from one place to another. Bags coated and uncoated as per requirements of packaging. We provide bulk bags with printed logo of your companies.

cross corner bag


Easy to Handle Bag

Here belts are stiff or reinforced on bag so forklift driver can easily hold the bag without any additional help.

Carry Easy Heavy Load

Cross corner bag is made by circular woven fabric which store and carries easily 1500 kg load.

Handle Dangerous Liquid

FIBC is UN registered made for handling and storing dangerous liquid.

Handle High Vertical Pressure

Cross corner loops on bag can withstand drop test and handle high vertical pressure.

Bag are Highly Durable

Cross corner bags are highly durable in nature handle heavy load and keeps the material dry moisture free.

Coated & Uncoated

FIBC are coated or uncoated as per packaging needs. It may have printed logo of company if required.